Minggu, 21 September 2014

Happiness in solitude...

So, this insomnia is kicking in again lol and I got nothing to do... literally, I got bunch of things to do, but everyone knows that feels when you're too tired to do anything yet still got too much energy to go bed... so yeah, this is the result of my (another) boredom. Well, no specific rant tho but I wonder why some people really love to test my patience. This, I got this huge problem with some people, well... it's more like my own problem, not theirs. you know... certain people really love being alone. they got no problems eating alone, even enjoying it. they love to shop for books alone, well actually any kind of shopping. first, I hate shopping and even if I ever do that, I'll buy anything I want (not need) and I really hate window shopping! okay back to the topic, some people find joy in their solitary life, and I belong to that category. I prefer eating alone, watching movies alone, buying things alone... there are many things to do when you're alone. I'm not talking about being single without boyfriend here -_- I mean... I totally can't understand people that say they have to eat with others and that it feels pathetic to eat alone. why? the food still taste the same and digested well even when you're eating alone. and I totally hateeeeeee it when people pesters me to go somewhere with them or to meet ups with people I'm not comfortable with. there was this occasion when... A : lets go to this 'packed with people and boring fest' with us! | Me : Sorry, I don't want to go out. | A : come on, it will be fun! | Me : No, thanks... sorry hehehe | A : are you sure you don't want to come? | Me : *can she do the math???????!!! when I said no, I always mean it... and it's annoying like hell to be pestered to go out like that. I hate going out to places full of people too, it's dizzying. even thinking about that makes me goes... ugh. I don't hate people, some of them are totally cool and nice. yeah, they're the ones who actually listen to you and respect your choice, not trying to get their thoughts into your head. I always try to help people and tend to put them before. If a basket full of apples got a rotten one, I'd get that rotten one rather than see others suffering. well it works if I like those people....... I've said before that I always put a thin barrier between me and others. well I can't stand being hurt or watch them get hurt by me. then it results to me ignoring texts, phone calls and invitations. I love you guys but please don't try to tie me with you. I'm a free spirits. ah.... I really hate people who judge me for being weird. hello, who sets the bar that being alone is weird and putting up a mask then meet ups with others is normal? they need to accept the fact that I find happiness in my solitude much like they find happiness in hanging out with people.

well... okay, typing with this phone is tiring lol conclusion : I enjoy being alone so don't force me to come out of my hole. And I only care for people nice enough for me, so if I care for you, you're a lucky one cause I'd do anything for you. I can't stand fake people and overly friendly people, I'm not hating but I'll feign ignorance. Rejecting will lead to suffering so don't make me have to reject you cause I don't want to suffer. just please...... let me be alone when I need to be. And actually, it's not that nice to get too attached to people.

Kamis, 10 April 2014

The Diamond and The Stone

    12:21 AM. April 9, 2014... Hari ini pemilu legislatif tapi bukan itu masalahnya. In this late of night, while everyone has swimming in their dreams, I’m here wondering and writing about how my heart felt really stuffed recently. I don’t know where to start because this problem has getting worse and getting sooooo freakin’ complicated. And that’s one of my reasons of why I don’t like getting to know and close to people. This post will led to hurting some people’s feeling... But I just... Can’t... Hold it any longer.

Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Idina Menzel - Let It Go

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I'm the Queen
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn't keep it in; Heaven knows I've tried

Lesson About Life...

Forgiving is hard, artinya memaafkan itu susah buat yang nggak bisa bahasa inggris. sori ya sok Inggris gitu, TOEFL nya tinggi kemaren. bwahahaha sampah. oke bukan ini masalahnya.

Secangkir laut (what a name) ijinkan aku nyampah lagi disini ya :3 kenapae tiba tiba? nggak tau aja kemarin habis buka album foto lama jadi menye...

reminiscing old memories usually makes people happy but it works if you're happy in this moment too. it's not that I'm not happy... just you know that feeling when the you from the past was happier than the you in the present? Yeah... that feeling just struck me now.

Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

The Tears Are Falling....

Huft.... Nyampah aja deh. Nggak ada orang yang bisa diajak ngomong. Udah berapa lama ini blog aku anggurin -_- kayanya debunya udah numpuk dan perlu dibersihin (nyapu). Oke fix, aku nggak tau mau nulis apa tapi sumpah ini aku baru bosen banget aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mau terbang sama paus naik tikus makan bolu kukus nggak tau lagi -_-

Ada yang tau nggak kenapa aku baru bosen dan sedih banget? Yah nggak ada yang tau, padahal yang tau mau aku kasih uang 30 juta. Aku baru galau nih suka sama orang tapi kayaknya orangnya nggak nyadar -_- iya dia emang rada bego sih wohahahaha kenapa aku suka? That's because you don't need any reason to like someone T^T alasan yang huftbangedh tapi ya gitu deh, hati nggak bisa disetir. Kalo bisa belok mah udah aku belok-belokin dari kapan tau hmmm >_> I've tried so hard to avoid that person but he just popped out everywhere. He talked to me when I wish he wasn't there, so how could I get rid of this stupid freaking nuts feeling? AAAAAAAAAAK tapi kenapa aku jarang liat mas ganteng bawah rumah lagi ya? Dia kemana :(